Hungry? Your UMC has it all!

Baby Doe's Coffee & Bakery
Alferd Packer Restaurant & Grill
FRESH - How Alferd likes it
QUALITY - Meals to die for!
EASY- close to civilization
CHOICES - more than Alferd had!
Alferd Packer Restaurant & Grill

Fresh-made soups, homestyle treats, international entrées, snacks, and gourmet coffee are all conveniently located on the first floor of your UMC.

From The Alferd Packer Restaurant & Grill - named for Colorado’s most famous cannibal - to Baby Doe's Coffee & Bakery, Celestial Seasonings, Cold Stone Creamery, Domino's Pizza, Jamba Juice, Panda Express and Subway, we’ve got something for every taste!

UMC 5•7

On Mondays through Thursdays, from 5pm to 7pm, the restaurants in the UMC offer a variety of delicious food specials, right in time to satisfy those late afternoon hunger pains! Meet your friends here after class, hang out, eat and study! Click each restaurant to see the UMC 5-7 specials.

The Alferd Packer Giftcard

It's a giftcard AND a meal card! You can save a bundle on delicious food at the UMC Alferd Packer Restaurant & Grill and Baby Doe's Coffee & Bakery. Put any amount on the giftcard and reload with any amount. The more you load on it, the more value you get:

Get 10% bonus with a $150 giftcard.
Get 15% bonus with a $250 giftcard (You pay $212.50 and get $37.50 free food!)
Purchase by calling 303.492.6578 or ask our cashiers.  

Campus Cash

Campus Cash is an easy way to pay for on-campus dining, printing, and laundry services, and it is accepted at The Alferd Packer Restaurant & Grill and Baby Doe’s Coffee & Bakery!

Campus Cash is easy to use because it’s on your Buff OneCard - the CU card that you always carry with you. For information on how to get started with Campus Cash, visit the Buff OneCard office or click here to deposit campus cash on your Buff OneCard! 

Al's Exchangeables

Al's Exchangeables are environmentally-friendly, reusable, to-go containers for your carryout orders! They're simple & sensible - purchase an Al’s Exchangeable meal container for $5 or a soup container for $3 when you want take-out from the Alferd Packer Restaurant & Grill, UMC 1st floor. Exchangeables are made from sturdy plastic, great for carrying food and keeping leftovers. When you return for more carryout, simply exchange your used container for a clean one, at no additional cost.  It's convenient, yours to keep, and you can exchange it as often as you like. Ask us about this eco-friendly service, available at designated Alferd Packer cash registers.

UMC Food Service Restaurants Work to Make the World Better

  • PACE (Partners for A Clean Environment) is a voluntary partnership of Boulder County businesses and local governments dedicated to a better environment.  UMC Food Service recycles, uses less toxic cleansers and washable towels for cleaning, and follows water and energy conservation measures. For more information about PACE, visit