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CU GOLD Leadership Recognition Awards

Now acception nominations for the Annual CU GOLD Leadership Awards


Nominations are now closed. Thank you to all who submitted nominations for 2014! Each year CU GOLD in conjuntion with the Colorado Creed recognizes students, staff, and campus organizations who exemplify leadership at our university.  All nominees and winners will be recognized at the Leadership Recognition Reception on Tueday, April 22nd, 2014 from 6:30 to 8:30 PM in UMC 235.


Student Organization of the Year
This award is presented to a student organization that demonstrates outstanding leadership, involvement, and positive change. This organization promotes leadership from within its membership, actively engages in the community, and makes a difference on campus.

  • Leadership: internally (by providing opportunities for members to succeed), externally (by educating/advocating for others in the community)
  • Positive Involvement: instrumental in implementing change on campus, in the community


Rising Star
This award is presented to a student who is an emerging leader on campus and can potentially greatly impact the campus community. This leader shows dedication, makes a difference, and need not have an official leadership position.  Most importantly, this student must demonstrate promise for more leadership growth in the future.

  • Dedication to a cause on campus
  • Already had a positive impact
  • Exhibits promising personal growth that can have a positive effect on the community in the future


Outstanding Student Voice
This award is given to a student who shows leadership by working to make positive change for this campus through activism. This person makes voices of other students heard and works to improve the conditions on campus for all students.

  • An activist for a cause on campus
  • Speaks up when others do not
  • Works to educate and inform others to create positive change


Lasting Legacy
This award honors a graduating senior (May or December 2014) who has left a mark at CU.  This person’s engagement and involvement have transformed this campus for the better. This senior demonstrates outstanding leadership on campus that has a long-term impact.

  • Caused a change that would not have happened without this person
  • Created long-term change
  • Demonstrable Leader: redefined the idea of leadership, exemplified the qualities of modern leadership


Supportive Staff Member of the Year
This award is presented to a staff member who works with student organizations on campus and recognizably helps and supports the group(s) he or she works with.  This staff member makes the success of outstanding student groups possible and acts as a role model for CU’s student leaders.

  • Committed to the groups they support
  • Go above and beyond their job title
  • Lead by example: students want to follow the example this staff member sets


The Contribute Award
This award recognizes an individual whose volunteerism and community service is exemplary. This individual is actively involved in promoting their community and demonstrates passion for civic engagement. 

  • Gives back
  • Serves in the community

The Act Award
This award recognizes an individual who models the way for others. This individual represents the idea that actions speak louder than words. They are progressive thinkers by nature and serve the community by creating tangible change.

  • Takes action
  • Creates change, influences others

The Respect Award
This award recognizes an individual who has an intrinsic sense of human worth. They manifest this value by being inclusive and accepting of others. They strive to gain mutual understanding of people’s needs and make an effort to comply with those needs.

  • Values human worth
  • Accepts differences
  • Gains mutual understanding of needs

The Stumpie Award
This award recognizes a faculty or staff member who reflects all of the values of the Colorado Creed (Act, Honor, Integrity, Accountability, Respect, and Contribute). This award is given in honor of the former Vice Chancellor of the University of Colorado, Ronald Stump, for his inspiring dedication to the development of student leaders.