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CU GOLD Executive Board and Minutes

CU CU GOLD Exec Board Fall 2013 at the 2013 Leadership Conference "Define the Future"

CU GOLD is run by a volunteer base of students who sit on the CU GOLD Executive Board. The Executive Board is instrumental in directing, planning, and implementing all CU GOLD events and programs. Feel free to stop by our office (UMC 444) to meet the board!

Want to be a part of the Board?

To apply to the Board, you must have successfully completed the Core Leadership Program and be a current CU student. Positions are currently open for the Fall 2014 semester. Please see the attached application. Deadline is Monday 04/28 - please email your application to

CU GOLD Executive Board

Anna Reynoso

Community Outreach Coordinator

  • Major: Environmental Design Program, Emphasis: Landscape Architecture
  • Goals: To continue to travel the world and begin understanding other cultures, I would like to continue to learn digital design computer programs to help improve my portfolio and challenge myself.
  • Hobbies: Hiking, painting, camping, skiing/snowboarding, and camping
  • Leadership Role Model: Michael Brown, Serac Adventure Films. He has gone on many life threatening adventures and filmed some amazing movies.

Hannah Velte
CLP Director

  • Major: Undeclared
  • Goals: To make a positive impact on those around me, to travel and experience new cultures, and to live a life filled with love, happiness, and lots of fun.
  • Hobbies: Rafting, skiing, working out, organizing, spending time with friends, and meeting new people.
  • Leadership Role Model: Anyone who steps out of their comfort zone to help make a positvie impact; my high school teacher Mrs. Jensen.
Kate Dingman

ALP Director

  • Major: Marketing and Business Management
  • Goals: Work in the fashion industry, surround myself with wonderful people, open my own bakery, and to continually immerse myself in things I'm passionate about.
  • Hobbies: Hiking, shopping, baking, and living boldly.
  • Leadership Role Model: Any individual who is able to stand out from the crowd, challenge the norm, and find a way to be uniquely innovative.
Katie Snyder

Student Coordinator

  • Major: Neuroscience (Pre-medicine)
  • Goals: More than anything, I want to become a doctor. I also would like to become fluent in French and continue to create a life full of love, good memories, travel, family and friends.
  • Hobbies: Gardening, reading, and spending quality time with friends and family
  • Leadership Role Models: My parents and my high school teacher Mr. Lawson.
Kayla White
Events Coordinator

  • Major: Open Option
  • Goals: Make a lasting, positive impact upon the world. Be happy and pursue my passions.
  • Hobbies: Anything outdoors, traveling, trying new things, and spending time with friends and family!
  • Leadership Role Models: My parents
Lauren Elder

Marketing Coordinator

  • Majors: International Affairs and Economics
  • Goals: Have a career that makes a positive impact on others, visit every continent, expirience as much of life as possible.
  • Hobbies: Yoga, traveling, reading, netflix marathoning, and politics.
  • Leadership role models: Ghandi, Malala, My Dad, and Dumbledore. Anyone who stands up for human rights.
Mallory Kriss

CLP Director

  • Major: Economics
  • Goals: Become a baseball manager, coach basketball or volleyball, become fluent in French, live in France one day, stay active and healthy
  • Hobbies: Competing in fantasy baseball, traveling and experiencing new cultures, watching sports, coaching, dancing, meeting new people
  • Leadership Role Models: Don Haskins (Texas Western basketball coach 1966), my coaches, and my parents
Pawan Bishwokarma

Community Outreach Coordinator

  • Major: Integrative Physiology
  • Goals: Travel the world while working as a music producer, open a non-profit, and be able to live my life to the fullest without any regrets.
  • Hobbies: Basketball, Music, Socializing, Watching sports and eating wings
  • Leadership Role Models: My Mom and my Dad, my high school leadership teacher (Mrs. Tammy Strouse), Allen Iverson, and anyone who inspires me to be a better person!
Raine Cimino

Student Coordiantor

  • Major: Psychology and Communication
  • Goals: My life long goal is to love and be loved; be happy and create happiness. I wish to have a positive impact on everyone that I interect with. I want to travel and find my bliss, whatever it may be.
  • Hobbies: I love people so anything social is amazing! I enjoy cars, snowboarding, camping, four wheeling, food, and dancing!
  • Leadership Role Model: The list is endless. The two people who stand out the most are my Momma and Garrett Finn.

Stephanie Baldwin


  • Major: B.S. Political Science, Southern Utah University, M.S. Political Science, Utah State
  • Goals: PhD in a higher education administration, own a craft business, see all the Best Picture winners, meet Dave Matthews
  • Hobbies: Crafts, movies, books, food, poetry
  • Leadership Role Model: I firmly believe anyone can be a leader, so my role models often change.  A role model to me is humble, courageous, inclusive and has a sense of humor!
Taylor Schneider

CLP Director

  • Major: Integrative Physiology
  • Goals: Work with kids, spend as much time as I can with the people that I care about most, BE HAPPY
  • Hobbies: Skiing, playing sports (especially soccer), spending time with friends
  • Leadership Role Models: My parents

CU Gold Advisory Board Minutes

January 30 Spring 2014 Jan 30, 2014 Minutes 1-30.pdf
February 6 Spring 2014 Feb 6, 2014 Minutes 2-6.pdf
February 13 Spring 2014 Feb 13, 2014 Minutes 2-13.pdf
February 20 Spring 2014 Feb 20, 2014 Minutes 2-20.pdf
February 27 Spring 2014 Feb 27, 2014 Minutes 2-27.pdf
March 6 Spring 2014 Mar 6, 2014 Minutes 3-06.pdf
March 13 Spring 2014 Mar 13, 2014 Minutes 3-13.pdf
April 3 Spring 2014 Apr 3, 2014 Minutes 04-03.pdf