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Dennis Small Cultural Center

DSCC is both a place and a program. Room setups can be casual or for a meeting.
Cooking classes are popular DSCC events. Be sure to sign up in advance.
African drumming & dancing is fun, energizing - and a workout!
Relax, make new friends, learn about different cultures.
Join others in building awareness about current issues.
Learn new moves at the free dance workshops!
Dennis Small Cultural Center provides a welcoming place to build friendships.

The Dennis Small Cultural Center (DSCC) exists to serve underrepresented student groups on the CU-Boulder campus by providing programmatic support and a safe space for cultural expression and community gatherings. We serve the campus community as a whole by
providing opportunities to enhance cultural awareness and celebrate diversity. We are committed to facilitating programs and resources that contribute to the intellectual, cultural, social, ethical, and personal growth of all students.

As the cultural diversity center of the UMC, the DSCC supports and contributes to the UMC’s mission to be a multicultural center for the CU-Boulder campus.

Advisory Board

Composed of students and staff, the DSCC Advisory Board oversees and makes recommendations on our policies and procedures with the aim of meeting the needs of specific underrepresented student groups and providing cultural awareness opportunities to the CU Community.

Students interested in serving on the Advisory Board should contact the DSCC.

Contact Info:
UMC 458

Watch a short video about the DSCC's mission and programs.