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Student Groups and Support Organizations

Student groups that want UMC office space for Fall 2014 must apply by noon, Feb. 28. Groups with current space MUST REAPPLY.

At the heart of campus, the UMC is the best place to grab a bite to eat, meet with classmates and friends, hear music, take care of business, use the computer lab or just relax between classes. We are all about students and student life.

In addition to being your place to hang out, the UMC is also home to approximately 90 student groups, CUSG (CU Student Government), and a host of student-centered offices and services. From the Alpine Club to the International Women’s Alliance to the Volunteer Resource Center, we house a group that serves your interests: UMC Building Directory.

Student Organizations Finance Office

The UMC houses the Student Organizations Finance Office (SOFO). The SOFO is the on-campus bank, travel-agent, purchasing department, and event manager for all CU student groups. Visit their site for more information. Click here for a list of all registered student organizations, including those not housed in the UMC. 

Office Space Opportunites

Your student group can apply to have office space in the UMC! A central office is a fantastic way for your organization to become more accessible and productive, which will help you grow membership, promote your message and fulfill your mission.

Rules for office space:

  1. Offices are to be kept in an uncluttered and organized manner.
  2. There will be no storage of flammable materials.
  3. No material may be stored above ceilings, under floors, or in any other space not specifically authorized for storage or use.
  4. Any physical alteration of the space (including painting) is prohibited without the specific authorization of the UMC Director or designee.
  5. The use of space heaters and portable air conditioners is prohibited in UMC offices without the specific authorization of the UMC director or designee.
  6. Office holders are expected to use the copy services provided and to refrain from installing individual copiers in UMC offices without the specific authorization of the UMC director or designee.
  7. Use of hot plates and other cooking devices is prohibited in UMC offices (excluding microwaves).
  8. The office must be staffed for a minimum of 20 hours per week, and hours must be posted on or near the office door.
  9. The student organization must maintain a current account with SOFO.

Student Groups can apply for UMC office space twice a year!

Student groups that want UMC office space in the Fall 2014 semester must apply no later than Friday Noon on February 28, 2014.  IMPORTANT NOTE: Student groups with current offices MUST REAPPLY during the February application process.

(The UMC accepts applications in early-to-middle October from student groups that want office space during the Spring semester.)

Don't miss this opportunity! An office can really help your group stay organized and grow! 

Questions? Call 303.492.8832